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Our Llama's

Meet our super herd of friendly llamas!

Meet Our Llamas: Animals


2 x Guinness World Record Holder!

Introducing one of the biggest crowd pleasers at Black Rock Llamas: Caspa, The Record Breaking Llama. He really knows how to make our guests smile, and put on a great show every time. Not long after Caspa came to live with us we discovered he had an incredible talent - jumping. Sue decided to see if she could train Caspa to jump on command. He loved his training and he just kept jumping, higher and higher! until we thought let share this extraordinary Llama with the world. In 2016 he achieved his first Guinness World record at Arley Hall in Cheshire watched by thousands of supporters. He jumped a huge 1.3 metres earning his place in Llama history and the Guinness World Record Album 2017! Not content with one Guinness World Record, Caspa wanted another, in 2018 he proved his jumping talent once again and became quickest hurdling llama over 10 jumps, earning an amazing second World Record!!

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The Selfie Lover

Dec's best mate is Ant!
Dec is a stunning boy who is also one of our famous agility racing llamas.


The Chatterbox

Popeye is a lovable cheeky chap. He is full of fun and loves to show off his agility skills.


Mr Chilled out!

Bertie is such aa chilled out dude! He loves life in the slow lane and is happy to have strokes and cuddles all day!



The Angel

Ralph is only a young llama and has joined our trekkers this year. he is loving it and really enjoys all the attention.


The cuddly cute one

Louie is quite a small llama. He is always a hit with everyone who meets him as he is a total cuddle monster!


The Man!

Ant is our herd leader. He is extremely handsome. He has amazing markings and loves people admiring his good looks!

Meet Our Llamas: Animals
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